Individual Services:

D-R Services, Inc. offers a variety of quality programs and services that provide a wide range of activities, training experiences, and employment opportunities.



The Habilitation Department provides life-skill training and adult activities for those adults in the production department and in the activity center located at 1256 S. Center Street.  The activity center and the Clark Ave. facility provide Day Habilitation services as recognized by the Ohio Department of DD. 

The Production Department provides employment and work skills training by performing labor-intensive operations for local manufacturers and businesses.  D-R Services holds a special wage certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor that allows it to pay sub minimum wages by means of a piece rate based on prevailing area wages.  Disabled adults are offered meaningful employment opportunities typically unavailable to them in the community work environment. 

The Placement Department provides pre-employment skills training and job experiences in our facility and in the community.  Job search services and job coaching are also provided for those adults pursuing community employment.  D-R Services, through an agreement with the Sandusky Bay Area Goodwill, is a provider of employment training and follow-up services for the Rehabilitation Services Commission of Ohio.


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